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Default Mekong Delta wetland vs the extreme coldness in Hanoi

Even though Vietnam topography varies tremendously along the Northwest - Southeast axis, we choose mekong Delta and Hanoi as the 2 most significant features representing for a flooded-like wetland with tropical heat as well as humidity in the South against a snowy delta of Hanoi in the North.

Mekong Delta is well known for its immense system of rivers and tropical oriented ambiance.

Hence, those below are seemingly fundamental based on your specific Southern Vietnam holiday programs:

● Traveling by boats is unquestionably involved, thus preparing low heeled waterproof footwear and flip-flops are highly recommended.

● Anti insect spray is certainly needed as a weapon to get rids of mosquitoes.

● Last but not least, sunscreen, umbrella, sunglasses, and hat are always wished on the fashion.

Concerning such a frigid land as Hanoi or maybe its surrounding, you're advised to:

● Not wearing jeans yet applying overlapping light clothes.

● Wool made scarf, hat and winter ear covers are sensible choices.

● Cold weather tends to get the lips of yours and hands chapped. Make sure proper hand cream and lip balm are usually available in the pocket of yours.

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